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Dampness In Front Passenger Carper

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The front passenger carpet seems to be continually damp?

It hasn't rained for ages, and I have dried the carpet completely with a hair dryer, but it just keeps getting damp.

It must the the air con running under the it, but any easy way to trouboleshoot? or fix?

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sounds like the heatcore is busted.

this is a problem, easiest and cheapest fix is to just rerout the coilant lines so that it doesnt go into the heatcore, but then your heater wont work.

prick of a job, carpet has to come out, everything has to be dried, replace the heater core.

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Agreed, sounds like the heater core.

Not a job for the faint of heart though as a WHOLE lot more than just the carpet has to come out. Not sure about Lexus, but on my younger brothers Supra we had to pull out the entire dash! And, I do mean entire...



Almost there...



This is the HVAC unit where the heater core resides..


AND, tada, this is the actual heater core! :(


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This is a relatively common problem with GS300 . Air con Water is leaking from the heater / air con box into the passenger footwell under the carpet and this box needs to be resealed . It is a dash out / carpet pulled back repair best done by an aircon specialist who will reseal the heater / air con box for about $1200 and regas etc ( Lexus seem unable to do this job themselves as it is too specialised and suncontracted anyway - thier quoted price in 2010 for same work is well over $3000)

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