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This morning in Sydney would have had to have been the coldest this year, or so it felt. Does anyone know if there is a minimum reading that is given in the dash?

When it would get to 3 deg, it would flash and not go any lower. Either it was not colder, or it cannot read anything below this temp. I just thought it was strange that it started flashing.

Does anyone have any info on this?

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Hey Franky,

Yeh, Im pretty sure all cars do this. My SUV does at as well. As soon as it gets above the 3degree mark, it will stop flashing. I am lead to believe that it is a feature that is more so designed for the "ULTRA COLD" climates. That is, to warn that ice may be developing on the roads so take caution!

Anyway, like I said, My SUV does it at 3degrees and I have read on another forum that Citroen do the same with their vehicles!

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It was definitely cold this morning in Sydney. The temp sensor displayed 5 deg which was the lowest I've seen it. Interesting that it starts flashing at 3 deg.

I always wondered where the actual sensor is located? I feel sometimes if the car is parked in the sun it gives an 'over average' reading in Summer sometimes.

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