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hey guys

in sport mode doesnt the car's tranny just change gear by itself when u hit the redline?

in this vid

he accelerates and redlines the car (its a 350 tho, but 350's are only auto anyway)

just wondering

is there some way u can get manual 350's or something??

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that sound is a miss shift with the paddles

shifted a little too late so the auto held gear and then went into next gear as soon as he seleceted it

and no u cant get manual 350's cuz there isnt any

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During my very first initial test drive, the dealer (who drove the car to begin with) held it in gear and I saw it red line (and the dial light up red) for about half a second - it can be done, not that Id be recommending it too often, but a rare instance of a short-duration redline wouldn't do any harm.

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