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Crashed The Is!

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I think I will let everyone know about it...lol alright I crashed the IS big time...theres around a 10-15K worth of Damage for my car alone, the other car is a JDM Harrier 3.0 a.k.a RX300...

The Harrier was driving slowly in the middle of the road waiting to turn right into a side street...I was driving around 60kph towards it until I realize it that it was stationary in front of me, I hit on the brakes...I do not think I hit it hard enough since there wasnt enough time for me to react!!! Thanks to daydreaming!!!

Anyway it did not felt bad from the interior at all until I see the hood poping up...

Well heres an approximate damage list....

-Front Bumper

-Fron Number Plate Holder

-Headlight Housings

-Front Intrusion Bar

-Front Intrusion Insulation


-Radiator Support

-Drivers Side Fender

-Front Hood

Might have been affected

-Front Fogs

-Front Guards

-Wheel Aligment

Damage to other Vehicle 99 Toyota Harrier 3.0

-Rear Bumper

-Rear Intrusion Bar

The damage was mostly on the top since the car was braked so hard it was forced downwards...Anyway it happened on a road I travel on more than twice a day so I guess that radio ad was right at the end...a lesson to me and I sure do hope no one else will ever come across something me and Doug got involved in!!! :)

Anyways Pics up soon!!!

Matt =)

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sorry to hear bout your car man... i know what ur going through.. i had the same thing happen to me (in my other car) and it was also on a road that i travel everyday (still get a funny feeling when i go past that spot).

hope ur up and running soon...

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hey dude, you should sell the IS when its fixed, buy an Altezza and use the extra money to fit all the extra go fast bits :)

Still its a bummer dude, I hope the insurance doesnt stuff you around to much and they dont use browns bay panelbeaters aye!

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*a solitary tear rolls down my cheek*

Let's never speak of this again....YOUR GETTING AN AUDI? Dude, never mind the car crash, why would you get an Audi?! :D

Seriously, they are not known for their suspension or handling, two areas the IS excels at.

Oh bugger it, get an RS4, those things totally kick ass!

On another note, i loathe to hear that the legend of the FryLai IS300 is over, but hey - as has been noted here already, everyone is okay, and THAT'S the main thing!

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OK finally got a call from the insurance company....they are going to fix it...now I m going to tow the car to Evans European in Penrose. Will probly take 4-8 weeks to get the car fixed...I have been browsing around but will off course shop around when the car is done...

Matt =)

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