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  1. Hey nice, I’m in Airport West. We should go for a cruise sometime.
  2. Nice! I had a 2013 IS350 too and I still think the pre-facelift model looked better. The lower bumper area looks more sophisticated. Congrats!
  3. How does it look at night and with brake lights on? finally get to see what this looks like on a white IS F! Thank you 🙂
  4. Awesome!! I had my eye on the diffusers and side skirts from Tom’s but it looked so hard to get it in, so I was going to try Alpheyga’s parts instead. Is Lexmania a forum member? Is there a website?
  5. Hi all, I’ve had a long affiliation with the brand going back to 1995 when my father bought an ES300 (which he still has to this day). It was the car I learned to drive in and eventually sat my licence test in 2004. Since that time I’ve actually been working for the brand and have had the chance to go through quite a few models, changing car every ~10 months. My first was a 2012 GS250 F Sport in Sonic Silver. Loved that car so much, you could wring the engine out and not really break the speed limit and it sounded awesome in-cabin. Moved onto a 2013 IS350 F Sport in Flame Blue, 2015 NX200t F Sport in Sonic Titanium, 2016 GS300 F Sport in Onyx Black, 2017 NX300 in Flame Blue, 2018 NX300 in Cobalt Blue, 2018 NX300 in Starlight Black and now I’ve got a 2019 ES300h Sport Luxury in Sonic Titanium. But they were all company benefit vehicles, so i didn’t really consider myself a true Lexus customer (perhaps I’m still not). But 2 months ago I bought a 2013 IS F in Pearl White and since it’s mine, I can finally mod my car and do whatever! 😝 Looking forward to meeting more passionate Lexus fans here and hopefully get some group buys happening!