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  1. 18ADF

    Perfect Launch

    As soon as I get mine running again I’ll be seeing a transmission guy I know to see what stally options I can look at.
  2. Sounds like you have belt slip in that vid
  3. E10 is rubbish, seen what it can do first hand. Unless it’s tuned specifically for any e85 blend I wouldn’t be touching it. As seeing what it can contribute to the aftermath can be an expensive fix lol
  4. 18ADF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    I have a wifi obd2 dongle from jaycar that brings up a lot of data, not 100% sure how far it’ll go into logging and what not as I only set it up for the vital instros at the moment. Also clears codes which is a bonus
  5. 18ADF

    Isf In the 10s

    Gearbox has a larger oil cooler, driveline is still stock ratio he said, yeah it had a rebuild after it got a knock not long after the initial Sc install, if you’ve seen our cams it would take a hell of a lot of development to produce a aftermarket set especially with the lift on both intake and exhaust. At most I imagine you could do a spring upgrade but would only warrant that if you had float or wanting to rev it harder but at this stage it isn’t warranted. It won’t get there, the Sc unit is way past maxing out and it would be a pretty dramatic conversion to upgrade the intake injector system to convert over to full e85 but would be pointless only running single digits of boost.
  6. 18ADF

    Isf In the 10s

    Well done to Jason for breaking the struggle to get outta the 11s and into a 10. Lots of behind the scenes work and inovations done by the owner to get where he is today. A good bar has been set, we’ll be coming for it soon 👍
  7. 18ADF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Most likely won’t be able to unless he has some pretty trick data logging software. You might require what James or Sonny use for tuning to access that kind of data.
  8. It all seems shady as lol, had a warning light for the auto also... I guess we will have to wait and see after it’s been diagnosed. My guess it’s run lean
  9. 18ADF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Yeah was speaking to a guy recently who booked his in. No extra costs I’d say, he’s done a couple now and has enough data. Would be simple enough to bring up a previous file, load it in a tweak to suit the individual vehicle. He has no need to charge anyone more than nessesary, he’s about to shift to a new location where overheads are far less so maybe that explains it.
  10. It’s on the lexus isf/rcf/gsf club Australia fb page
  11. If he’s got spin with 250kw he’s not strapping it down correctly, feeding the throttle sounds like a bs excuse
  12. And now he’s up for a rebuild 🤔
  13. 18ADF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Recently heard bps are tuning isf’s from $1000
  14. 18ADF

    New intake

    Went in over the long weekend, time to break the interweb
  15. 18ADF

    New intake

    More parts ordered today. scavenge oil pump for oil return line, water pump for w2a system and a air fuel ratio gauge. Took advantage of ebays 10% off everything promotion 👍 should be in the shop in around 2-3 weeks