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  1. Not as yet, have got contacts to get made new copper head gaskets and also found a compatible set of arp head studs I can use. It will only be seeing half a bar or so of boost to begin with and proceed to push it from there.
  2. No words can describe the frustration, it was either rip the car out and loose what had been paid or wait it out and get my moneys worth. I was lucky to get the car back when I did, I’ve heard of some shops doing crazy things when their business is going down the toilet. On a positive note more work in progress 😎
  3. The same tuner who tuned it originally. Bayside performance services
  4. I laughed when I read it, I’m still well under my projected budget of 13ish k finished and tuned. Never been a fan of his kit as it’s limited powerwise and the quality of some areas are not up to my standard. It’s been out how many years now and how many have we seen in Australia...? I will be adding the addition of a interchiller down the track, single digit intake temps would be a dream and even after purchasing that I’ll still be under what the rr Sc kit cost, shipped and installed.
  5. Hey fellas, Apologies for the quietness in regards to my turbo build. In my opinion it was a case extremely bad time and money management, can only assume the money dissapeered early in the peace and he relyed on smaller jobs to keep the business afloat. No bingo, I had enough so I had no choice but to get the car back. I received a final invoice Monday after I took the car back for a finished product, remaining works to be completed at a later date was noted at the bottom. Back in November I was onto him about how long it was taking and we agreed when it was going to be ready and that the total was going to be under a certain amount due to delays etc. I paid few grand initially for parts and another few for progress then the work stopped, more and more jobs kept getting pushed out of his shop for land cruisers and the lexus sat. He started doing a little more, he set a couple deadlines for himself which were not met, I gave him many deadlines including final deadline which was the 22nd of March. No surprises it wasn’t finished, so I picked up the car regardless. The invoice received was rubbish, no real itemisation and claimed 300hrs approx spent on it as well as being over agreed amount. I asked very nicely for a itemised invoice to which I was ignored and haven’t heard anything in 3 weeks... Since then the car has been and gone from Cleveland exhaust for final fabrications that were left unfinished, The hoff done amazing work as always and pushed it through quickly, even got my hands dirty as well and designed/ fabbed the new intake setup/ splash shield as the one on the car was non existent and put together a catch can setup for the engine cover breathers. Its off again tomorrow to another friends workshop for all coatings (high temp and powder coatings) as well as remaining wiring. Firing it up is not far away now 🙂
  6. Around the 3 grand mark shipped, pending what options you tick when ordering, plus fitting which is only 500-1000 max. As for power I ended up gaining 20kw and a heap more torque, not to mention the sound it un leashed.
  7. Penrite racing’s 10w40 ten tenths
  8. 18ADF

    New intake

    316 getting ready to mount the heat exchanger and tranny cooler, 3.5 inch dump pipe in the works to twin 3inch rears
  9. 18ADF

    New intake

    Bit of an updated underneath pic 👌
  10. 18ADF

    New intake

    Not a turbo in sight 🤔
  11. Toluene has always been a favourite of mine, used it a lot instead of going down the e85 route on the last car. Excellent for knock protection and raises ron, at $80 for 20L it’s around the same if not a bit cheaper than Nulon octane pro strength mixing around 5 litres to a tank but is far more effective.
  12. 18ADF

    New intake

    Yeah there was no way to fit the 76mm in the original desired location. This was as far foward as we could get it. Didn’t want to do a rear mount setup behind the diff
  13. 18ADF

    New intake

    It’s a lot more complete than what is shown, I am hoping a month or so. im hoping for 10s
  14. 18ADF

    New intake

    More parts came in today, cooling for the water to air 👌