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  1. Car is booked in for it’s tune on the 30th March. Had to put the project to the side for quite awhile due to personal reasons. Defs not *BLEEP*ed I can assure you
  2. 200+ks round trip no dramas, was good seeing those who came along.
  3. *update* meeting at nudgee shell for a 0730 leave. Couple isf’s heading up there, anyone welcome to join
  4. Have a couple isf’s keen for a pre meet Sunday morning. Let me know if your keen and I’ll work out some details
  5. Might as well delete this thread admin 👍
  6. The one on the car is toms yes, haven’t installed the rear toms yet
  7. Details are on Facebook, could setup a pre meet for anyone who’s keen
  8. Was good to meet a fellow member on here
  9. It’s a private group event but it’s on club lexus Australia
  10. https://facebook.com/events/567147107394458/?ti=icl
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