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  1. Yep. New Wheels went with the car when it sold.
  2. Ended up with BC Forged wheels, but have since sold the car lol.
  3. Think I ended up letting them go for like $900 - were shipped over east. No market for them as they don't fit many Lexus' and the staggered setup only suits some cars.
  4. Oh I'm more than happy to ship 🙂 E-go want about $190 to ship over east so I'm happy to work out a deal if anyone is keen.
  5. Had these on my RC-F for a week when I fitted new wheels but turns out they were not required. Have been sitting in the garage, in their original boxes, collecting dust since then. These were just over $500 landed....chasing $300. Full info here: Suit: Make Model Year Range Lexus RC-F 2015+ Lexus RC 350 2015+ Lexus IS 250/350 2014+ Lexus GS 2013+ Lexus GS 2016+ PM me if interested Cheers Alex
  6. Price Drop to $1100 - need these outta my garage 🙂
  7. Lexus RC-F Factory BBS rims and tyre package. These came off my 2015 RC-F and are in excellent condition. Wheels are 9"x19 on the front and 10"x19 rear, with offset 50 & 41 respectively. Tyres are 255/35 front and 275/35 rear, and have about 50-60% tread left on them. No TPMS. Lug nuts included. Chasing $1100. Happy to discuss shipping options
  8. Yep, pretty sure I need this in my life at some point! 🙂
  9. Had my RCF for over a year with no issues, but the lack of 4 doors gets a bit tiring in the end. 😛
  10. Hey Josh, I'd be keen for one for my '14 RC-F. Can you PM me some details as to what it unlocks and whether it has mirroring etc. Cheers Alex
  11.  - check out my vlogs linked in the website

  12. Hi Guys, Just a quick intro as I am looking to sell my '14 Lotus Exige S and step in to something a little more comfortable. Ever since seeing the LC500 at a recent motor show, the Lexus brand has really grabbed my attention. Although the LC is still out of range for me, the RC F is definitely an appealing prospect. It's a strange love affair as it is definitely outclassed in many ways by the Germans....but there is something about the individualistic appeal of the car....I can't get around how beautiful it looks and refuses to subscribe to the current trends of forced induction and Nurburgring lap times. Keen to hear from RC F owners on what to look out for, and how you feel about your car after some months of ownership. Once the Exige sells I'm on the hunt for an RC F, so feel free to show me what's for sale in the Perth area. Oh, and if you want a Lotus...hit me up - it's the grey one on car sales :P Cheers Alex