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  1. All good mate. Mine are mpss as well. 275/30 is a little to low on the sidewall. 285/30 starts getting a little too wide on lower offsets. happy hunting
  2. Yeah the ducts came today and looking at the mounting points I think 3m is the way to go. Where's best place to get it Danny?
  3. So I've ordered some carbon fibre novel goodies (fender ducts and mirror extenders) with my late tax cheque and wanted to ask those that have had them before, how you went about installing? The 3M tape included is all good and it will hold, but how do you stop those people with 'sticky fingers' when parking it in the city over night on the streets etc? I was thinking some sikaflex - is that overkill? Will the 3m industry strength tape do? Thanks in advance
  4. How much does this cost each time? How much oil do you use each flush - 2 litres? Just a matter of finding the time to do it. anyone should be able to do this yes?
  5. can't re-use - wheels are 9 in front and 10.5 rear
  6. Nice one dinesh! Get them from Bell Lexus? I got mine for a little over $1900 landed for both front and rear pads and rotors
  7. Thanks for the link iinkz - i wasnt going to pay that much but this wheel is great. not the EXACT shape i was after but looks like a good buy!
  8. I'm going to go with 19s - turns out that red ISF in their site that they claim is running 20s actually has 19s. With tein Spring drop it looks mint- will run 245/35 at front and 275/35 rear
  9. The original one at Cavalinos is no longer. It was once a month and was the greatest of monthly meet ups. This incarnation was poorly organised but has potential. Still waiting on details for the next meet
  10. It will squeek on light braking for the first 200km but you'll be sweet afterwards. The kit comes with Brembo anti squeel goo - liquid gold!!!
  11. Check out bell Lexus on eBay guys. All OEM all good. Replacing the rotors and pads on all 4 corners - 2hrs labour (1hr with 2 guys working on it) it will come in 2 seperate shipments but still that cheap. They sell the brakes as a combo pack ie Rear rotors and pads as a set
  12. Guys don't pay retail. I paid $2150 front and rear OEM rotors + pads INCLUdING installation.
  13. Welcome mate- great forum - you'll get lots useful info
  14. Thanks for the feedback Aiden 👍
  15. You men 1st post is PRE lowered yeah? what spec tyres you running? was it really THaT high on the 20s at stock height?! Making me think I should stick with 19s then