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Injen Intake


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Tax return time is soon

so i bought my self a intake

did well so far to beat the mod bug but i gave up lol

not many pics

can feel abit more power on the top end


just as we all know the stock intake



dont have pics of the intake installed

but heres a small video of the intake in action


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Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I've kust installed my Injen and the IS-F is throwing a CEL light and the VSC warning after starting the 2nd time after I reconnect the battery to clear the codes.

Don't have a scanner so not sure what it's problem is. Did you have any issues with yours?

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There is myth about disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery. It wont do a complete reset because there is still potential voltage in the ecu (Much debate about this but as an electrician disconecting the negative isnt as logical as pos). Disconnect the positive terminal for 10-20 mins and check how u have mounted the air sensor correctly

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Think I've got it sussed. The Injen instructions aren't great (halfway through they change to a description about an aftermarket coolant resevoir or some such) but after some web searching a found a fix.

Apparently the ECU needs to be fooled into thinking the vacuum actuated solenoid that controls the factory 2 stage intake is still connected (as it's removed with the Injen setup). Jumped the plug to close the circuit and so far so good.

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