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Supercharging The Is250 Courtesy Of Rgm Motorsport

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I'm sure that we all know about the various supercharger kits for the IS250 that are out there. Not many of them can be purchased by us everyday consumers. This post is probably not as relevant as before with the introduction of the IS350 into the Australian market. However, i decided to look into the RGM supercharger kit manufactured by RGM Motorsport Here is the link for the is250 page and the youtube video. I sent him an email asking

"hi, i was looking at ur products particularly the RGM supercharger for the lexus is250. I was wondering whether you could ship it to postcode 2000, located in Sydney, Australia (would it operate in Australia due to differences in altitude and everything?) and what would be the approximate price for all parts required for the conversion including shipping."

Managing Partner Rob Green replied and stated,

"GMotorsport would like to thank you for your interest in RGM performance. RGM thanks you for your request regarding supercharging the LEXUS is250. We are able to supply the kit in export form for R60 000.00 (ZAR South African rand ) this price EXCLUDING the14% tax as it is for export. This will not include the exhaust system(as it will not meet your emission standards). Shipping will be for your account door to door. The approximate size as well as the weight are as follows:

32 x 23x 22cm and the weight is 44Kilograms

DHL will charge approximately R 10 780.00 ZAR.

Here is the file which Managing Partner Rob Green sent to me within his email

LEXUS IS2500 SC.pdf

I just thought that i'd post it up here so that if anyone is interested in supercharging their is250, they have a starting point :D

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I'm very tempted to SC my 350, cause I want power to be MOARRRRRR!

I've only really seen the Tom's SC kit which is doesnt actually give that much power. Is there any other kits around on the market?

The other problem being my car is only got 1000km on the clock lol.

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You would think s/c ing the 350 would make alot of power

Though it makes only 50ish more hp than stock. The 250 respondes much better than the 350. Eventhough the 250 runs on higher compression ratio the piston design makes the 3.5l not so boost friendly as the 250,s 2.5

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