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Am I missing something or do the Australian dealers have a very small amount of IS250 accessories compared to overseas. I have had a look at Sewells and Lextuners and they seem to have a much better range.

I rang a Sydney Dealer (who I purchased the car off) yesterday to enquire about a Sport Pedal Set (Aluminum) for my IS 250 Prestige only to be told by the parts guys that I would have to talk to the service area because he was unsure they would fit - I actually think he had not idea what I was talking about !!!

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That's what I thought. I just thought that I would get a price off an Aussie Dealer as if the price was close I would rather go local than OS - maybe wishful thinking that the price diff would not be too much....

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When I tried to look for pedals before locally, I found a set from a wrecking is250

but the guy wanted around $400, so it would be better getting it from usa brand new.

as for parts and accessories try chatswood lexus, they can get some stuff for you.

before i asked for prices on a few items and some had same price as overseas, some not.

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