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hey guys

has anyone in australia had experience with Megan EZ coils?

from what i read on clublexus they seem pretty good for the price (around 800$)

what they mostly said was that it was good for street use, but not track (not like im gonna take a IS250 on a track anyway)

should be able to afford these come end of this year/early nxt year and was just wanting any info anyones got

heres some info on em

Spring Rates (F): 62mm ID; 220mm length; 10 kg/mm

Spring Rates ®: 62mm ID; 220mm length; 8 kg/mm

Damper Specs (F): 135mm stroke; 240mm length; A2 valving code

Damper Specs ®: 135mm stroke; 240mm length; A1 valving code

15 Levels of Adjustable Damper Strength

Aluminum Brackets with rubber inserts

i dnt what any of that means, so if one of you more experienced guys can kinda dumb that down, that would be great

heres a link to them on ebay


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I've been researching over the last few days too..Megan are really cheap compared to others low budget coils..

in addition to k2sty1's questions above, i am also interested in hearing some feedback on other coils, such as tenabe and tein and is it worth getting coils over f-sport springs?

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a few members have BCR Coil's which are great, chris' car is real fun to drive esp with the coils and 350 brakes

but they are kinda out of my budget, im only a student

the reason thinking of going with coilovers over springs, even tho springs are alot cheaper, i want to be able to adjust the height

but i might still go with springs, so that i can have some money left over for an exhaust and rear spoiler

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