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Gs 300 Dash Rattle And Snapped Spot Welding

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Has anyone experienced snapped spot welding in their GS 300 vehicle? which results in a squeak/rattle in the dash.I have with my first GS 300 2008 model with Lexus Australia replacing the entire vehicle with a new one.Mind you it took an extended period of time and I would have to say not particularly pleasant.Nevertheless they did replace.12 mths on my replacement vehicle has developed the same rattle/squeak in the dash.After an extended period of 8 weeks and numerous emails to Lexus Australia my vehicle is sitting at a smash repairers with the dash out and side fender removed.Lexus will not guanantee me it is not the same problem! I am aware of other GS300 with this same problem! Alarming to say the least!Has anyone else had this same dash problem,Quite frankly I am bside myself with worry and the attitude of Lexus Australia Managementis another matter in its self

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I doubt it unfortunately.I also have a 2004 Rx 330 which I must say is a great car.But after the last 2 years of problems with the GS and the attitude of Lexus Australia I have lost complete confidence.It starts to take its toll!

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Hillcrest, my GS rattles like hell too.

When I test drove several 2006 and 2008 Lexus GS300's, there seemed to be no creak or rattles at all.

Somehow, mine has a creak in the central console, and a rattle inside the glove box.

There was also a creak in the sun roof.

The creak in the sunroof got worse as the car got dirtier.

When I took it back to Lexus, they apparently cleaned the rubber around the sunroof, and the creak went away.

Not so, the central console and glovebox rattle.

I also have an IS250.

The IS250's dash is rock solid.

More interestingly, the IS250 feels to have a significantly more rigid body structure.

Not so the long wheelbase GS300.

It's long wheelbase flexes.

And I suspect it is this flexing that causes the dashboard creaks and rattles.

Thus, I just accept it.

I drive with the sunroof open, or the passenger's window open mostly anyway.

When all is closed, there is some creaking of the central console.

I make sure I only put 235 kPa into the tyres.

The recommended is 230 kPa.

I once put 240 kPa into the tyres, and not only is the ride unpleasant, but even more creaks and rattles.

I just accept it now.

Not a purfect car.

However, I am still quite happy with it.

I have tried the new GS.

You must try it.

Definitely no creaks or rattles in the new GS; even in the early builds...

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And I suppose it is this bending that causes the dash panel creaks and rattles. Thus, I just agree to it. I generate with the sunroof start, or the passenger's screen start mostly anyway. When all is shut, there is some creaking of the main system. . . . . . . .

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