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hey buddy

first of all welcome to the forums

before posting up topics

please have a read of the sticky topics

as it should cover most of your questions


there is a thread that has your answer on here

and it also has a DIY guide through of how to do it

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Hi bonesi250,

"Sticky" or "pinned" topics appear at the top of each topic list in every forum. In this case:

1. Click on "Lexus IS250 / Lexus IS250C / Lexus IS350 / Lexus IS350C Club / Lexus IS-F" to go to the topic list for this forum.

2. At the top of the topic list, note the topics with a green "PINNED" symbol next to them. Click on the topic named "Diy 'how To' Topics".

3. Read the first post. You will find the hyperlink for disabling the seatbelt warning chime.


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Sorry guys - next time, I should pay more attention to the question you're asking, rather than give you a lecture on pinned topics.

Unfortunately, my search on these forums doesn't reveal an answer to disabling the open door chime. At least two other people have asked, without a response. :(

Given the wording of the Owners Manual, and given that a programmable solution hasn't been published on the Net, I suspect it isn't a customisable feature, nor can it be disabled through some hidden menu.

That would leave the option of modification through DIY wiring changes. I am trying to locate an electrical schematic; however, I suspect that there is only one pair of wires to the door switch (permanantly open/close the, and your interior lights and/or alarm won't work properly), and one pair of wires to the buzzer (cut it, and you'll lose many of your warning sounds). I suspect the logic is integrated into a chip: if in ACCESSORY mode or ON mode, and driver's door switch is open, then sound the chime ...

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That would be great lance but i believe as you suggest the logic will work through the interior light cable reed switch only. Additional cables for "chimes" would not be feasible cost and labour.

What i dont understand is. Which door chime. it chimes for many different reasons. do you want to disable it for all these warnings or a particular warning. I found the moon roof one to be annoying but other then that they all have a valid reason to "chime"

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