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Brake Pad Replacement Recommendations?


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Hi all,

My car only has 1500km's so far but I am hating the OEM pads because it generates crazy amount of dust. I don't plan on tracking the car, just street driving with the occasional spirited drive. I found this thread and am looking into the stop tech's. Anyone have them on their F? Thanks.


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im looking to get my rotors and pads done

at this stage im still doing my research for the best cost effective combo

i will let u know once i get anything done

but at this stage

im looking at EBC yellows for pads F+R

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Be careful with EBC, last time I used these on a previous car, they chewed through my OEM rotors. They are a great product when used with their rotors. Also the biggest problem with going aftermarket or racing pads is that they squeal like a pig until they warm up.

Either way check on the US forums and see what feedback users give u. VIP have a huge range and they ship to oz.




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After getting a quote of $865 for pads (trade price) at my local Lexus Dealer, I did some research thru a mate of mine(owns a Brake shop) and he got me a set of Hawk pads for around $350. Retail on the factory pads was $1000.

If you keen for a set of pads , that are just as good on the track as they are on the street and cuts down the dust like night and day difference, Pm me, i might even get a group buy going thru him.

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