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First Time Lexus Owner Needing Help :)

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My mom has just brought a '04 RX330 Used (in Australia) and is still getting used to it...

I was wondering if this model has Lexus Personalized Settings, such as, when she holds unlock, the windows open, but not the moonroof.

Is there a way to turn off 2 stage unlock without going to the dealer again?

And, is it possible to have to tailgate open with power when she presses the button on the gate it self instead of having to lift it..

- Also, the moonroof was being really weird, so I 'normalised' it, and it seems to work ok now, it auto opens, but not auto closes. Is that normal?

Thanks a heap.


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The 2 Stage lock/unlock is activated/deactivated (on my IS350 - cant see it being any different in an RX) by holding both the lock and unlock buttons together on the remote for a few seconds until it beeps. Confirmation comes up when it changes on the instrument cluster screen.

the power tailgate can be opened automatically from the remote but not from the lever above the rear license plate, as far as I know.

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The two-stage unlock needs a visit to the dealer. Pressing both buttons simultaneously just activates the alarm.

The moonroof should close to about 100mm from the fully closed position then stop until you press the button again. This is apparently a "safety" feature.

There is a button on the key fob to open the tailgate. The handle on the tailgate itself is just for manual opening.

Note that this advice applies to my 2006 RX350, but is probably the same for your Mum's car.

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On mine, press and hold the unlock button would opens all windows and moonroof. It's done this way to allow hot air to escape on a hot day before you get in the car.

To use the power tailgate, you can either use the remote or the tailgate button located next to the rear mirror buttons in the dash.

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