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Zed_IS250's right: There are low-dust pads available, but reportedly not available as a warranty fix. Search for "dust" in this forum for lots of threads on this issue.

The only thing I can add to what's already written is that, as an alternative to pad replacement, you can coat your wheels with something that repels dust, or at least makes them easier to wash off. Autoglym has something; Meguiars has a metal polish. They also have a dust-repelling spray but, alas, it isn't available in Oz yet and, as an aerosol, it would be hard to import yourself.

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mikenbn advises to use EBC brakes with EBC rotors; otherwise, your rotors will wear out quickly.

DANSLEX agrees, and also suggests you try Green Stuff instead of Red Stuff.

IronFist uses dba rotors with dba ceramic pads, and seems very happy with the result.

Honestly, do the search ... You'll find a wealth of information.

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The Lexus replacement pads from the US are worth the money (around $127/set delivered).

I just don't get dust on the front wheels anymore.. no matter how many months I leave between washes.

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