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Hi all,

Just noticed since i got my car that the engine takes long to get to its full (middle area of the gauge) warm status.

Can you guys tell me how long it takes your car to be fully warm, so i can get my thermostat checked out...

Mine takes approx 11 mins i believe



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Mine take about the same time...fairly long time compared to other cars. Not sure if that was intentional, generally speaking the quicker the car reaches its working temperature, the better the economy.

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good to hear that its not just me who finds this unusual, all my other cars and toyotas seemed to be really quick particularly the 07 corolla at home. the dealer wreckons this should be quick as its all aluminium engine. He thinks it could be thermostat not working properly?

wonder if lexus does it to protect the engine so we dont hammer it until its really warm......?

fuel economy is really food for me (for mixed) driving to be honest

really weird? would love more observations from ppl

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