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Hey guys,

Ive recently bought a set of f-sport springs and read somwehere that Lexus themselves fit them quite cheaply.

Having my car already sitting, waiting in the parramatta centre for parts I thought that they would throw me an irresistable deal-to fit the springs as well- bearing in mind that I had an $8.5k job with them for the same vechile in process. Instead this guy tells me that it will cost me an extra $550 at "service" rates.

I found this quite unreasonable due to the fact I had coilovers instaleld on my old euro for half that.

Was hoping that you guys could shed some light on the topic and either tell me what it should cost or redirect me to some cheaper alternatives. i.e.local shops etc...

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Have you thought of diy? I installed springs in my Skyline and it was pretty straight forward and just received a set of Teins from the US a few days ago, hopefully going to chuck em into the IS on the weekend.

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