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hi all.

i have just put a deposit down for an Is250 2006.

I have test driven the car all good no vibrations or anything like that...

the only thing is the is a clicking noise coming from the engine...

i want to make sure it is not something to serious.

I have read there was a recall on the Cam gear on the is250s but i am unsure if this is cam gear or not...

see blow


i have booked it on for an inspection with a lexux dealer for the 94 point safety check etc...

The other thing is that when driving the car, if the car excedes 3k rpm the tachometer goes orange until it changes gear..

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Sounds like the injectors when the engine is cold.

You can adjust the tacho to light up at any RPM you like... there is a button to the right of the steering wheel to adjust it.

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hey buddy thats the injectors

quite normal on a is250

also with the tacho lighting up orange

that can be changed by the dial set up on the right side of your steering wheel on the dash

press the little button and you can play around with the tach and speed warning settings

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All direct injected engines have little louder that usual injectors so the sound that comes out is similar to the sticky lifters.

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