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I was adjusting this setting last night to different levels, I think the levels are from 0 - 6, and it doesn't seem to do anything?.. I've briefly read the manual when I first got the car and it's a lighting setting for number of occupants in the car or something like that?.. Changing the setting from 0 to 6 I don't see a difference, so where should I be looking for the lighting changes lol...

Here's a photo of what I'm talking about which is circled in yellow.


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it adjusts the headlights' levelling. Generally i don't think we need to care much about it, it basically either raises or drop the headlight beams..

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There is a heater at the lower end of of the front window. If you park the car in sub-zero temps, the wiper blades will freeze to the glass. The left button will turn on the heater and warm up the window so you don't destroy your wipers.

The right button is the headlight washer button for HID equipped vehicles.

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