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Hi, I am looking into buying an is250, and was wondering what are things to look out for? I am looking at an 06 model with 86k's on it, for $26k at the moment. Also could you give me a quick less than 25 word essay on what you think about the car? In terms of reliability, efficiency etc. Thanks for your time.

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Is there anything I should look out for before buying one? e.g. specific areas of the is250 I should check for wear and tear? I just don't want to end up buying one and ending with a messed up car, although my dad has a Toyota from 1991 with 300,000km and has never failed before.

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i find State Road inspection better than nrma guys.........u can only do so much but at least they will tell u if its chasis isnt twisted etc and what the paint thickness is every where so u know where its had repairs, if that is the case with a used car i would just say as long as its done well its all good....

bought 3 months ago an end of 06 and 07 complianced is250, no mechanical issues to be honest, only issue i had and was fixed under warranty was indicator stalk completely changed to new one, it used to make clicking sound when enagaged and steering movements (before cancelling) - my odometer made grinding sound specially notable when starting car and needles move, fixed under warranty too.....

love the machine so far

enjoy :)

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Hi david

- great car, reliable, cheap to insure, good on fuel, luxurious, lots of options, value for money

- get sports or sports luxury trim not prestige

thats all.

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