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So as some of you might know, i've had my 06 is250 for a little more than a month now.

So 2 weeks in to getting the lexus, i thought i would clean the throttle body as i seen on other lexus forums that people have been doing it to get better fuel consumption. My fuel consumption in the city after i bought the car is around 12-13L/100km. When i step on the throttle pedal, the first few centimeters doesnt feel like it have any response but after that the response is good, though it kicks down pretty easily (now after i cleaned it, it only kicks down when i step very deep). The gear changes were smooth.

After the throttle body cleaned (i did as much research as i could and followed them thoroughly):

Right after the throttle body is cleaned, and the engine is started, it revs very high around 1800 rpm and there were some codes that turned on (like the traction control and some others). So i paniced and did more research and found that some people in clublexus experience this too after they cleaned their throttle body. Anyways what i did was keep turning it on and off around 5-7 times and the codes managed to turn off by itself but the revs were still at 1800rpm. So i left it overnight and the next day i turn it on again and the revs went down to around 1500rpm, still very high. As some people on clublexus say the revs goes back to normal after driving it several hundred K's or by restarting the battery. So i took the driving option and after several K's the revs(at idle) went down slowly. Now its back to normal but i feel its worse than before i cleaned it. Now my car revs around 1200rpm (im not sure if its normal, didnt pay attention on the revs before i cleaned the throttle body) every morning when warming up, my fuel consumption in the city goes up to around 15-16L/100km (though i noticed that the avg on display goes up when the car is on idle. And it does go up significantly quick), i feel that the gear changes arent as smooth as before. Ive travelled around 400K's after i had the throttle body cleaned. Does anyone know whats up with my car? :( I wish i had some lexus buddies that i know in melbourne. So i could give them a ride and see if it feels normal to them.

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My thoughts are that its running sluggish due to some of the of chemicals that may have been left behind.

But im sure the more you drive it will begin to return back to normal(if not better)

Not 100% though

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Thanks Atlantis and BigD for your help. Really appreciate it. This morning I start up my car and I think it was revving 1600rpm. Was real happy and I think it dropped to warmed rpm less longer than a week before. Will double check when I use the car tomorrow :)

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