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hi guys just wanted some insight my is200 misfires from cyclinder 3 when vehicle is driven for long period of time (30-60 min) or if out side temp is high it happens faster and if i turn it off while its running fine and then start it 2 min later it does it aswell i swapped the coils from 2 to3 and still cyclinder 3 then set the injector out to be overhauled and still cyclinder 3 misfire does anyonw know what it could be thanks

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yer sorry for the late reply yer i already swaped coils over but still from cyclinder 3 and the plugs had abit of carbon on them they were the first thing i replaced and still there it comes and goes

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hi guys i determined that it was infact the injector so now just wondering if anyone has a injector laying around they want to sell me or know where i can get a second hand one caause geniune is pricey


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Are you sure? Coils going are pretty common on these things.

Try some genuine Toyota injector cleaner (08813-00830) with a tank of 98 if you still think it's an injector issue.

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