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Hey I just got my Vossen CV2's fitted and they seem to be rubbing extensively, It'd lowered with BC coilovers. Running 20*9 225/35 Front and 20*10.5 245/35 on the rear. Besides rolling the guards and using a heat gun on the inner liners what else can I do to fix this besides raising the car.

I went to get the front guards rolled and was told couldn't do it as the liner would come off. Anyway around this?


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Ha I was going to say they are pretty stretched as it is.

Running +38 at the front +45 Rear.

Yeah going to stiffen, the front a bit and go from there.

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Yeah cheers, the rears are fine.

Mainly when I hit bumps, turning is fine now

Will stiffen the fronts when I get back and see if that helps if not might have to cut the liner and roll the guards and just run with it. Been away in Hawaii for 6 weeks
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well for a start your runing 20's

should be running 30 profiles

35 is what i have on with my 19's

i actually have 30's on the rear

i had 9.5 with +35 offset and 10.5 with +42

ran 225/30/20 and 255/30/20

im pretty sure it's your tyre profile

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So changing the profile of my tyre will solve it, I rolled the guards and stiffened the fronts, now barely rubs but when I drive. Thanks for the help

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