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Bc Racing Br Coilovers - 1999 Is200 - Daily Driving + Weekend Freeways

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Hi all, a newbie here..

Looking at the BC Racing Coilovers BR Series for my 1999 IS200. Looking for some feedback from people whose either got this setup, alternative recommendations etc.

This came about after a minor service and timing belt change @ 150k along with a list of others to be fixed... Quite annoyed as bought it off the in laws who bought it brand new and was pretty much a shopping trolley... Not to mention that it's been diligently serviced @ Newcastle Lexus during its whole lifetime... Once we took ownership got it serviced @ Tunehouse who picked up all the dodgy... So, in the process of fixing a few things and the first major investment will be a set of coilovers but do not want to go overboard as it'll never see the track.. The closest will be the freeway!!!

My ride is a daily driven by the Mrs so not really after performance but if I'm going to have to get it replaced more than happy to spend 30% more for aftermarket parts over oem parts.



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I was looking at the BC coilovers for my 2003 is200. I haven't heard anything good or bad yet, though my understanding is BC Racing is supposed to be quite a reputable company. Were you looking at the set on FIGS Engineering?

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im looking at putting a set in my 03.. althought as its a daily im just interested in stance.. so even springs might even be good option.. either bc coilovers (dont know how much they are i think $1000) or im juggling between king springs or tien springs.. (both at about $250)..

what do you guys think?

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i've recently put a set of bc br's in my is300. got them with the default 10/6kg spring set. its my daily so i have it on the softest setting but i turn it up for track days. and unlike the non adjustable set up, you can set your ride height to exactly what you want. the ride is very comfortable considering what sydney roads are like. definitly would recomend it to others.

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Hi folks,

I had the BC Racing BR coilovers installed about 20000km's ago in my IS200 and I'm very happy with them.

Cost was $1300 and installation was $250.

At it's softest dampening setting it feels just like the stock suspension. At the track you can crank it up to improve handling.

I go to track days at Wakefield Park every couple of months so the versatility really suits me.

As roadworia said above you can adjust the height exactly to how you wish which is an advantage when some lowering springs can make the front or back of the car sag which looks weird.

The coilovers do have a shorter shock stroke than the factory shocks so they are more prone to bottoming out on really nasty potholes.

There were other options out there (eg Bilstein+Eibach combo, Teins etc) but they were more expensive and I haven't heard a bad word about BC Racing yet.

So have fun and I'll cya at the track.


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Im also keen on changing the current struts to coilovers, have anyone here herd anything good or bad about Ksport coilovers? Also where is a good place to get the BC

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