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Matt Black Isf Emblems And Grill


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Hi there guys and girls, just a question if anyone out there has modified or purchased blacked out isf emblems or a blacked out grill? I have seen a few cars with the lexus logos and the isf emblems blacked out and was heaps impressed. If anyone knows where/how I can get hold of these that would be great!

Thanks plenty!!!

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cheap way take them out and spray them black

Best way buy the black pearl emblem

but if the cheap way is done right it'll be better than the black pearl emblems

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the grill is 2 pieces

1 inner inserts

and outer grille

the badge itself does not contain the PCS and cruise radar

there is a unit behind the badge on the radiator support which looks like a box

about palm size

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I think bape-sta on this forum has them on his SFP ISF. We discussed this a while ago over an email conversation. He bought it from either Sewell Lexus or Carson Toyota from the US and it was pricey. Looks impressive tho

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