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Hello there,

I have a 2006 prestige manual IS250, been reading up on all the exhaust options etc....

Just like to know what the Invida mid pipe options gives / does when matched to the stock exhaust?

Is it louder? Do you get any performance gains


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google is your friend.

but ill also be your friend today. yup it matches up to stock, yup bit louder, nope no power gain.

pretty sure chris has this setup for your car.

Yep!! I do. Have a go at you tube also your friend. alot of clips with all different sounds.

Invidia ONLY is a bit raspier as it has a resonator delete compared to stock. Its a little bit sportier in tone.

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the first part of the video is a stock exhaust, just the invidia midpipe, so that will give you an idea on what it sounds like compared to your car now

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Hi I'm interested in invidia midpipe too.

I have a Fujitsubo axleback exhaust already.

Suprised how loud the invidia by itself is, was anyone else?

Would adding the invidia make much more noise than now that I have the Fujitsubo?

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For the guys that have got the Invidia system, do you have a preffered supplier that you have used that we could go through? Trawling around I generally get all the ebay stores from the states

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so that makes 4 of us looking for invidia midpipes.

If you guys want to band together I can try the ebay retailers see if they'll do a discount

+1 Here

Let me know how you go.

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Thinking about it scientifically it maybe a bit more agressive due to a larger engine expelling more gasses.

But to be honest i dont know. Maybe the emmisions are governed and 250 and 350 emmisions are the same.

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I have fujitsubo exhaust.

it's a bolt on replacement for stock, so naturally it would fit fine with invidia since that is also a bolt on replacement.

I will say though that the fujitsubo feels not as loud as i wanted it.

I was on the quiet vibe after reading coolmeows post so I got it.

Might sell it..

I was sort of lookin for the growl of a C63 AMG..

Should I look at the F-Sport exhaust or something else??

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Oh I see.. so Legalis R is too quiet.

I'm after exactly the same growl exhaust note as you are. Well I guess the IS250 only has a small V6, it'll never sound like a V8 bark.

Heard F-Sport is loud, what about just go invidia all the way, mid-pipe & exhaust.

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The invidia + F-sport is pretty loud.

I'd think twice before committing to this in a 250. Terrrry had this in his, and turned heads. But would get punched at the line by too many cars.

Basically too much sound without enough power to back it up.

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