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2008 Rx 350 - True City/suburban Fuel Consumption


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Hi Everyone

I have been really interested in the 2007/2008 RX 350, i test drove my first one today and loved it.

I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the actual fuel consumption i could expect.

My driving habbits would be, general running around, groceries, visiting family 30km away, mainly suburban driving. between 150 - 200km a week.

I know they state 11.3 L Per 100km, i doubt i will achieve this, I am hopeful it wont be 20L per 100km also!!

If anyone can advise first hand that would be much appreicated.



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G'day Gary

For similar running, plus a lot of sitting in morning and afternoon traffic jams I average around 12.5L/100 km. On country runs it drops to around 10.5. So unless you're really lead-footed, there's no way you should get 20.

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11.2L/100Km is the COMBINED city/highway fuel figure. I drive short distances to work, in heavy traffic, roughly 150-200km per week as well. If I drive "economically", fuel consumption is around 13.5 - 14L/100km. If I drive with a lead foot, the worst I have got is about 17.5L/100km.

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