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Ecu Tune


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Ok fellow ISF guys

im in the talks with taku watanabe for the ecu tune

he is willing to come down and tune our cars with the Sard cuvu unit

with headers and exhaust and intake the Novel ISF made 330kw on the dyno

at this point im trying to gather intrest for a group tune

as i have to organize mr watanabe to fly out from japan to us

if we have 10 cars the cost is 4200 per car (that inc Ecu+tune) and flight cost split among 10 people

which should be around 130 AUd per person

lets see some intrest

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yeap thats wat taku watanabe quoted me

4200 you get a sard cuvu unit + his tune

i asked wat about the whole system he says 15K atleast for everything and i just laughed

just throwing it out there

so see whos intrested ill be getting this done for my race but i need to talk to him further for the pricing

just gathering intrest

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Thanks for being so proactive Danny, always nice to have new options but need to ask the tough questions before pulling the trigger on stuff like this.

My guess is the new ECU module is replaced or acts as a piggy back and then tuned to the mods on your car. So you are paying roughly half the amount to Mr Wantabe to tune the car.

$4200 is very steep though imo, in comparison it cost me half that to tune my C63 from Evolve (around 50kw atw but the car was detuned to start with)

I'd be surprised if you get 15kw to be honest, on a N/A car it's just adjusting air and fuel ratio and timing to match your mods unless the car is restricted to start with.

Why is everything from this mob so expensive, they have just set-up shop as well, sounds like they are trying to recover capital or R&D quickly...

Also I have to ask what happens if something fails and the car goes into limp mode or runs too lean and something breaks .... will Lexus pick up the tab under warranty or do we have to fly this dude down again.



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i have been told that a tune is around the $1500 mark, now i know its just a flash of the current ecu but for $4200 the difference should really be worth it. If a few ISF owners are onboard and it sounds like its going to be a good gain for the $$$ i might reconsider otherwise i might just stick with the plans i have with City Performance in Artarmon Sydney.

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there is currently no software that can reflash a ISF ecu

Toyota/Lexus Ecu's are very well locked and only a piggy bak ecu is a proven option at this point

im afraid @ 1500 your going to waste your money and you will find that the ecu will throw that tune out the window

iv been following the IS250/350/F ecu for a while since (2007) and so far no one has been able to come up with a proper reflash

the ECU system on the isf is not your average japanese car ecu

it is very complicated and securely locked

most likely due to toyota/lexus wanting to protect their assets

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