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Price Thread For Updated Rx350 Rx450H, Nov 2012 2.9% Finance

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  • 2 weeks later...

so far

what i have done and been able to get

99K for 450h SL

89K for 450H F sport

$89K is about $8k off the F-sport. That's pretty accurate Danny.

Although there are other variables that will affect the deal. Whether you finance the full amount or just the change over can make a difference. As can how long you take the loan over.

Getting stock at the moment is the issue as 2.9% has been pretty successful. Some model/colour combinations sold out for 2.9%.

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  • 2 months later...

Does anyone have any good price / contact for the RX270 model?

Looking to picking up one pretty soon..

For the new additional member of the family..

Thank you

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Hi Dislexsic,

A little bit too late.. :(

I've ended up signing up on a deal for RX270 already last weekend... With Lexus of Chatswood..

Thanks for your reply though.. I'll dfinitely keep u in mind next time


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