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Is250C Creaking And Rattling Noises?

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My car is under 25000kms on the odometer and has done mostly highway driving.

For a while now some creaking and rattling noises in the cabin have started coming to my attention and I"m not sure if I"m being OCD about it or if it's too much creaking and rattling for the car.

The vent on the front center air con creaks at the left side sometimes when I go over bumps and things, I've found I can also make it creek by pressing down on the bottom part of the vent exhaust. There is also a couple of rattling and creaking noises coming from the right door (or thereabouts towards the middle of the car between the driver and rear passenger seat) and a rattling noise from the left rear part of the car which I noticed today and a creaking noise coming from what sounds like the center rear.

The sounds aren't always there and are only heard on bumps and the like such as when driving over a slight bump on the highway, sometimes they make sounds sometimes they don't.

Is there something I can do? Like bring it up with Lexus or have it looked into myself?

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I would suggest taking it to the dealer - when I had cabin noises, took the car back to the dealer (Lexus Brighton) - they checked it out by taking it over a bumpy cobblestones street close by, confirmed that there was something wrong and fixed it.

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Definitely bring it up with the dealer. It appears to be luck of the draw and dependent on owner tolerance with rattles and creaks.

I have low tolerance and a pretty loose cabin after 45k kms.

Good luck with it and I hope it stays quiet after this is done for you.

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Lexus have made a rod for their own backs a bit in the materials they use and by developing class-leading quietness in the cabin. By using the nicer tactile, less malable plastics, they aren't able to move around as much as the cheaper more flexible plastics you'll see in anything from a Commodore through to a 3-series. Also the panel fit is very tight. This can all lead to a few little creaks and squeaks about from time to time. Probably the single biggest complaint about the IS series are the little annoying creaks that are around. You know what - Ive had a few, and the dealership have fixed most of them, and others actually just disappear and never come back. I have found as the car ages and from other owners comments too, the creaks tend to go, as the car loosens up just that little bit over time and "settles in". I certainly wouldn't call them rattles, just creaks (growing pains!)

Around the 25-50k mark is when there seems to be a 'peak' in complaints around creaks. Also this time of year with changable weather (certainly in the southern states), the cabin can raise a few creaks as the car is going from hot to cold and back constantly.

Still doesnt make it right though - so make a list of the annoyances and drop it back to the dealer, so they can get done all in one hit. I would hazard a guess that the technicians would have a 'fix' for them all.

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With such a refined and generally quiet drivetrain I agree with you... but it simply doesn't excuse the way some parts are clipped on in the cabin, the rattling doors, sunroof, squeaking seats. They aren't because the car is quiet but because of the way the car and its parts are held together.

Mates with Toyotas have similar issues so I feel like it might be family inherited.

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