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Defensive/advanced Driving Course


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Got some spare time on hand, always wanted to do a Defensive/Advanced Driving Course, heard you can learn quite a bit on handling the car.

Has anyone done this before? Do I have to use my own car?

Which course provider would you recommend?

Please share you experiences.


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Hey mate ive done the one at oran park and it was an awesome eye opener. You use your own car so you can learn what your car is going to do in certain situations.

Great experience. Wish i had time to do second part.

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I did this one about ten years ago:


Definitely worthwhile and something I reckon should be a part of getting a licence.

I then did this one on the weekend, I absolutely loved it and learned heaps about my IS F:


Video of me at the day here:

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That's looks a bag of fun mate, with all the slides and spins.

How's the tyres and brakes at the end of the session? I just don't want to break my car on the day...

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Tyres are fine because of the wet and slippery surface; the brakes are usually just used quickly now and then. The car handled it easily with enough power to use low revs in 2nd gear all day (depending on the driver!).

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