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I'm looking at buying a spoiler/lip for my is250 and am not sure which one I should be looking at because I have a 2010 but MY2011 model.

The spoiler lip I want doesn't seem to be available in the earlier models and require 2011 onwards.

2011 - http://is.sewellparts.com/accessories-catalog/Exterior/IS250-2011/2397.html#


2010 - http://is.sewellparts.com/accessories-catalog/Exterior/IS250-2011/1786.html

Could anyone please advise? I want the 2011 one but am not sure it will fit mine.

It seems like I should be looking at the 2011 one as the front of mine doesn't look like the 2010 would fit, it looks too round whereas mine goes inwards like the 2011 version. I can't tell though as google images doesn't seem to be reliable when searching 2010 is250 and 2011 is250.

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It looks like this I think

http://all-lexus.inf...er metallic.JPG

is this the previous model with the more rounder bumper?


The first picture is the 06-09 model, no indicators on side morris; where as the second picture is the 09-11 model with the indicators on mirrors.

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Oh okay thanks.

Are the ones you have in Silver? Or tungsten pearl or whatever lexus calls them?

Also if I buy the ones from is.sewells, is it hard to install them all? I heard that they're all just taped on.

Thanks again.

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