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Toyota/lexus Fanboy


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Hello everyone,

Visited this forum one or two times in the past searching for info so decided to finally join up & mingle :) Big time Toyota/Lexus fanboy. May have met a few of you already (Danny, Shane etc).

Got my IS250 brand new in 2008 from Sydney City Lexus (Prestige with enhancement pack + sunroof). Here's some old dodgy pics. A perfect example of "stance" @ its worst.



Got it via company lease, so didn't want to touch it initially. Now that it's over I plan on giving it a bit of aftermarket loving. Nothing hardcore, mainly aesthetic. Have some ok 19's in the garage (from my CL9 which I sold) waiting to go on, but since my wife's preggers, I need to keep the car as comfy as possible for now.

Bit of background, epic Toyota fanboy. Mainly MR2's (owned 3 & played with a million). I have this silly mentality that I need a modified Toyota & a classy Lexus to match up in the garage. Kinda like Shane Gorilla actually.


My sentimental Eric Bana like "beast" below (was my first car). Been in a few magazines (Autosalon, Zoom etc), multiple engine rebuilds/heartbreaks. 330rwkw on pump fuel (5SGTE).



Got my Dad in on the act. He just picked up this new IS350X last month from Chatswood Lexus. Proud he has a faster daily than me :P I envy the DRL's & 3.5L 2GR. Really is a great car. Didn't realise they can outpace a BMW 335.




Excuse me if I'm a bit slow getting the IS250 to where I want it. I picked this up late last year with my bro, so between a pregnant wife, 2 money pits & 2 dogs, I can be a bit pre-occupied :blink:



Anyway, enough ranting & picture sharing. Happy to be here. Apologies in advance for any annoying questions that I may ask :ph34r:



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