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Morning all,

So my dilemma is as follows...

I bought my car, new, in December 2008. Service intervals as you know are 15000 km or 12 months (whichever occurs first).

First service was done at 15000 around August 2009.

Second service was done late March 2010 at 30000.

Third service was done late March 2011, was around the 45000 km mark if I'm not mistaken.

Fourth service was done again late March 2012. I think the car had around 55000 km on the odometer then. I didn't question why it needed servicing then but I just accepted the booking from the dealership.

Now, the odometer is way under 75000 km. It will be a year since the last service soon, BUT it won't be 60 months since the car was bought. Since the service book says 75000/60 months, do you think I should wait until I hit one of these markers to send my car for its scheduled service, rather than having it done at the end of this month? I'm only driving the car once or twice every 2-3 weeks at the moment.

I'm fully aware of the passionate debate around servicing intervals in a previous thread, so would appreciate keeping the discussion to the question.


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Seeing as you are getting to be around 12 months since the last time you serviced the car, I would get it serviced.

You would want at a minimum to drop the oil out and put new oil in.

The other items may or may not be required.

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Thanks for the replies Peter and Danny.

While I'll definitely ask Lexus for their recommendation, although I sort of know what it will be, I personally don't think that the oil should be an issue. It is not being stressed with the car not being used frequently, and it should not go off for a few years I'm assuming.

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