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upgrading to the new interface will require alot of things

if you have the money sure you can do it

but this is what iv done

iv upgraded my 2009 ISf to 2011 Spec gear

first i changed

dash harness

centre harness

right side harness

ML amp

NAV unit

oh and the centre armrest for the USB input

its not just the matter of replacing the nav unit

the plugs are different in the 2006 to My10 +

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im not too sure

i had these parts on hand with me

time wise

maybe a day or 2?

i imagine for cost wise anywhere upwards of 10K

if you were to get most of the parts new

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Where can I buy just the map upgrades then and does it include speed/red light camera warning ?

Also - can I do this myself ?

You can purchase the upgrade from a dealer (expensive) or maybe check eBay for 2nd hand previous versions that are later than your current maps.

I don't believe you can get speed or red light camera locations on the maps.

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