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Rx400H Hybrid Problems

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We have a RX400h that's six years old and has 137,000km on the clock. Recently the hybrid system's inverter failed - luckily we were not moving at the time. I've been told that this part alone costs around $11,500 but in other markets (US and Canada for example) the complete hybid system (inverter and batteries) is covered by a 96-month, 100,000 miles warrantee. That warrantee was brought into Australia after we purchased our (then new) RX400h but our car falls under those conditions (age and mileage). Any suggestions please?!

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Talk to Lexus. The eight-year battery warranty was back-dated to cover all Lexus hybrids - you might find that it covers other parts of the hybrid system as well.

I found this: http://www.lexusofbrighton.com.au/news-2009/lexus-australia-increases-hv-hybrid-battery-warranty

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Thanks for that! And yes, I agree - if other countries have warrantees that cover the complete hybrid system, so should Australia. Apart from anything else, if the car was travelling at speed, the failure of this inverter could be catastrophic. All of a sudden it's a complete systems failure - and I've read that this has happened before overseas. Ours was parked on a steep hill and when I tried to start it the system went haywire and it wouldn't engage gear so it very nearly barrelled in a car down the hill. Who knows what this Australian warrantee aberration will do for the resale value of a Lexus Hybrid in general. I'll let you know if I have any progress to report.

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Hi, thanks for your help. However I've no idea what you mean! Actually working out some way to post anything on this site was a real task for me. I could blame it on all sorts of things - but principally I'll point the finger at my social media ineptitude... So, I've no idea where "the rules" are and even of a grasp on responding to a pm...!

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for pm's see the top right hand side where a grey outline of a envelope is click it and you will open your private messages


there is no real blame simple common sense

where you have posted is a new members introduction and you posted about problems with your RX

Hi my name is Ronald Donald etc

i drive a rx400h etc

that should be in the new members introduction not prblems with your car

it might seem alot at first but

its just simple rules so we prevent alot of the lurkers and leechers from asking questions and leaving and never coming back after their questions are answered

alot of the older members are sick of that and do not want to post much info due to this

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