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Hi guys,

Does anyone know how to adjust and save how much the side mirror tilts when you go into reverse?

Mine only tilts slightly and I can't see the curb, only the side of my door and have to manually press the button to make it tilt. I've read the manual and it doesn't say anything either?

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Going off the 3IS set up (not sure if same for 2IS), you need to set the mirror while in reverse to where you want it to tilt to. Then you will need to save this to your seat position memory.

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Thanks for the suggestion, FrankyX - will give it a go.

And kyo, yes, the 2IS Sports Luxury has this feature - not sure about Prestige or Sports models.

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Thanks Subby, I read that it might be a warranty issue. I tried that method Franky, it just gave me a long beep :( and I think tilting mirrors are only equipped on models with memory seating.

Actually, I noticed on my drivers side when it tilts in reverse I can see the curb but on my old car the angle was tilted so that I could see the line markings in car parks (to see if I parked within the lines - horrible parker here) and a clear shot of the curb vs door + curb.

So it might be normal for the 2IS? I'll be awaiting your reply Subby :)

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Found these instructions on another forum:

"Alright here u go folks ..
U start the engine
Put it on reverse
Select from ur door panels the side mirror u wanna adjust
Move the side mirror to the point u want using the arrows
And thats it
When u put it into drive. The mirror will go back to the original setup
And when u put it on reverse ur mirrors will till"

Hope to try it out later today - Nope - didn't work !

Will get the dealer to fix it tomorrow - I hope!!

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thanks for the tip. i was wondering mine didn't have it, and it's because it's a prestige :( needless to say, my brother's accord euro has it and it's a VERY handy feature!

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Update after dealer service: Sadly the angle cannot be adjusted!! :(

It does seem to move down a certain amount further from the normal setting, so I re-adjusted the normal setting just a bit lower than before and the reversing result is satisfactory now.

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