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Hello fellow Lexus lovers!

Okay so I'm hoping someone can help me with some specs on 19inch ssr sp3 rims, width, offset and maybe even a place where I can get them from.

What would fit my 2007 is250 without any mods to the guards. I have coil overs installed as well.

Thanks in advance!

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19x9 and 19x10's

or 18x9s and 18x10s

mid 30s offset front

low 40's offset rear will fit with no guard mods on lowering

more offset the safer

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As a base:

19x8.5 Front (+35 safe, +22 aggressive)

19x9.5 Rear (+35 safe, +22 aggressive)

Safe means fatter tyre options, aggressive is a bit of acceptable stretch. I ran that aggressive spec on my 250 with Tein S Tech (225/35 F 255/35 R). No guard roll, only rubbed on big hwy bumps & full passenger load. Can prolly fix that with stiffer dampening.

This isn't based on large drops though, which changes the game with camber/stretch etc. You can tinker with the above when considering thinner or wider rims.


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Thanks guys! I have ordered my rims😁 I went with 19x8.5 +22MD 19x9.5+18SL

And tyre I plan to go with 235/35 and 265/35

What do you guys think about the tyre size I have chosen?

Will post pics of rims when I receive them

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I agree with ilv1004s.

30 profile will be better on large width tyres. I made the mistake of getting 40 profiles of my FD RX-7 on a 285 once.

On a 265 the sidewall height will be:

30 profile = 79.50 mm

35 profile = 92.75 mm

40 profile = 159 mm

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