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Is350 F Sport Performance Comparison With Gs460

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We have an IS350 F sport and were curious on acceleration and performance figures compared with the GS460. I am sure in a straight line they would be very close but has anyone got any official quarter mile or 0-100 times for both.

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I've been working on some math to decide these sort of things. According to my calculator the IS350 (current model) should do the quarter mile in about 14.23 seconds and the GS460 (V8, latest model) should do it in about 14.27. This is just pure math based on the stats for both cars. The GS460 has more power but is also heavier. I'd love to see some real life figures to compare to my theoretical ones!

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the IS350 does 0-100 in around low 5's

1/4 mil low to mid 13's
the GS460 will do 6's for 0-100

and 400m spriong around 14's

the IS350 pretty much spanks the gs460 in any situation

key point is the weight of the thing

and the is350's agressive gear ratios

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