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Hey everyone got a 2010 is250 Fsport, looking to buy new rims for my car, I was thinking of 19 inch but worried it might cause me problems later e.g scraping, damage to the car. If anyone can share some info about this would be appreciated thanks

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Running 19" wheels is fine but the width and offset is what will make them scrape.

19X9.5 with the corrected offset will work.

You can run up to a 19x11 in the rear with some work on the rear guards but they will still scrape if you wanna be 'stancemaster'

Feel free to post what your looking at getting. I'll be happy to do the calculations to get the right offset and look your after for you.

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Thanks a lot man appreciate it! I'm going to get these wheels from the u.s http://www.wheeldude.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=6423&osCsid=cd314dad5a81867ceaddc8a28977780a

Cool make sure you get the right stud pattern as those are 5 X 120. You need 5 x 114.3 for the Lexus.

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