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I have bought a 2012 IS350FSport.

I recently had to change rear tyres and bought Michelin PS3 tyres which I had on my previous R36 with no problems. The front tyres are Pirelli Cinturato P1s.

I'm getting a really loud "whoomping/whirring" noise, if that's the correct description. Especially at low to mid speeds. It disappears over 100kph. It's not road noise per se its different.

Has anyone ever experienced noise, I presume from tyres, in the 350FSport like this? It just doesn't seem normal for what you would expect from a lexus re noise.

My mechanic says its the Pirellis but.....................

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I agree with your mechanic.

My limited experience with Pirelli tyres is the same as yours.Twice i've had them on my cars and twice i've swapped them for another brand.Michelin PS3s are a low noise tyre

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No the sound doesn't increase with speed, in fact its better at speed?

It's really noticeable in the 50-90kph range.

The 1st reply agrees its the Pirellis, thanks, but I guess the only way I'm going to find out is to change them to match the Michelins on the rears. I said to my mechanic, and I do trust him, its the bearings but he said "no way".

I was going to take it to local Lexus dealer but from past experience I'm very wary of their attitude, especially as I didn't buy the care from them.


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Thanks Guys

Yeah, Tony1234, its a real humming noise.

It sounds like it is a tyre issue and I hope by changing the Pirellis to match the rear Michelins that solves the problem. I hope.

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