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Due for replacement tyres after stock Bridgestone ER33, was a good tyre, lasted 60000km.

Thinking either direct replacement of same or Bridgestone Potenza RE003, more of a performance tyre but concerned will wear quicker.

Current 4th tyre free offer is enticing (around $900 for all fitted)

What other options should I consider? I don't need a pure performance tyre but don't want an economy tyre either (mid-on range).

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On 09/09/2016 at 4:38 PM, blackadder said:

Same question 2012 Is 350 had the car 4 years in Nov only done 29,000k's

Tyres need replacing, (so they tell me)

What should I get ?

Quoted about $1500 for 4 new Turanza, like the original

Thoughts ?

What size rims do you have?Are they a staggered fit?

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I ended up going the Bridgestone RE003. A far superior tyre than the stock tyres and much more stable in the wet.

I'd highly recommend! They were hard to find the stock and sizing, but I persevered. The wear has been pretty good the past 10-11 months.

I'll be getting the same again next time around.

Don't buy from Lexus, better off shopping around for a deal and you'll save around $500. I'd also suggest getting a 2nd opinion, sub 30000km seems light on considering I got 60000km

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17 hours ago, Tony1234 said:

What size rims do you have?Are they a staggered fit?

Yes they are staggered fit, I cant get RE003's in both sizes (front and back) so it's back to the original  Turanza ER33

Lexus charge about the same as the 2 dealers I went to so may as well let them do it at service time.

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On 11/09/2016 at 8:24 PM, blackadder said:

Hi Tony,

I dont know what staggered fit is ?

They are Turanza ER33

255/40 X 18 and 

225/40 x 18

Hope that helps, thanks for your reply...

That's a staggered fit.I have the same.I need to replace the fronts.Not sure to go with the factory tyres or get something else.

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1 hour ago, blackadder said:

I'm getting the RE003's tomorrow, according to Franky X they're a better tyre and I found they're cheaper than the originals at Bob Jane Prahran, if you're in Melbourne.

I'm in Sydney.How much are the RE003 fronts.I can get Michelin PS3s for $225 each.

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