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Thinking of buying Lexus RCF any help or advice ?


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Hi, I have had mine for about 8 weeks now. It gives me a buzz every time I drive it. Which is as often as possible. Happy to do any shopping, pickups etc just to get a drive!! Have done over 3000 km now and am going to try to get as many kms as possible till I cant drive any more.

Just enjoy the experience and you will be rewarded. Sorry no help from me other than do it!!

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I would have no issues with 2nd hand or demo. They are built so well. I was initially looking for a ISF. Just thought the RCF was just perfect. Just keep looking for what you want. I went Starlight Black, black interior. There are some nice ones available I have seen online. I  also went the extended warranty so covered for 7 years. 

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As far as I know, the only change was orange brake calipers? Can anyone confirm?

The RCF is a beast, mate. Go for it. It's one of those few "Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde" cars that can be luxurious on the street, yet be competitive on a race track. The torque vectoring sytem is more than a gimmick, if you play with it enough and learn to work with it, it can really help eliminate any understeer by just adding more throttle.

I was tempted by the RC350 initially, and during the test drive it was genuinely hard to pick between the two. In fact, the RC350 was more comfortable. But getting on a winding mountain road or a racetrack will change your mind completely, the RCF is a completely bonkers car if you drive it at full tilt, and it will leave the RC350 for dead.

Best of all, the car looks like it's from the future. When you park up at the lights, you get the "WTF is that" stare, haha

DSC_5504 (2).JPG

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I'm also looking at either RC350 F sport or a RCF (used) but the RCF is going to be stretching my budget a lot while the 350 would be a lot more comfortable for me (financially) will go for a test drive in both. 

Right now I have a FBO 335 (had a IS250 before that) so I want to try the RCF for the power, won't be tracking it at all tho (will buy a S15 or something cheaper and JDM as a project/track car, so I'm leaning more to a 350 for now

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On 5/10/2016 at 8:05 PM, Dazandbel said:

Thinking of buying Lexus RCF any help or advice?

yeah, try an ISF first, especially if you're not looking for new. 

They are both excellent cars, here's my comparison notes from a drive a did a while back:

ISF is more comfortable and lighter - pushing this thing in corners is much more relaxing than the RCF. When I read the numbers before the car was launched, I was a bit surprised that being a coupe it still weighs more than the ISF, driving it corners, you can feel every bit of that extra pork. 

RCF exterior is better - of course, that is very subjective and depends on what you like. To me the RCF look is more premium.

The interior (for me at least) has gone a step backward in the whole 3IS/RC line - the whole protruding interior dash just gives an overall 'boxed in' feeling. On the 3IS I think I felt more plastics than the 2IS. 

Also, RCF owners can vouch for this - the new 'Eco' mode on the RC sucks - there is no feeling that it's a v8 under there, even if you push the right pedal - though this is easily remedied by switching to Sport or Sport+. For the day I had this car, I drove it in Eco for < 5 mins. I think the default mode on this car should be Sport. 

Road noise is slightly higher in the RCF - I suspect this is just due to the door frame (or lack there of) - this being a coupe. 

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I am thinking about moving on from my ISF. 

so last weekend went to test drive at Lexus Melbourne, sorry don't have one. So was like ok, can't buy one then. 

Went to BMW south bank to test an M3 "sorry you have to make an appointment", I said what! Oh, yes it is an M and it is special. You have to be kidding, so it was like seeya!

Man, I don't know how these business get people to buy cars. 

Ill sit on my F for a few more months, lol

Will have to do something soon as lease is up, again. ;-)

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