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Hey guys,

Does anyone know where the best place to get parts in particular the TOM's rear diffuser etc. are now with the ISF being deprecated.

I've read a few threads here for where people purchased them, however they don't seem to carry those parts anymore and those threads were at least 2-3 years old. 



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Thanks, looks like the only option is through importing?

Not looking for replicas, I've read that even the official ones have fitment issues, small gaps around etc. and the replicas are FAR worse in this regard. 

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Could not agree with you more :w00t: :w00t:

I checked this place out like 6 months ago when i was looking around at prices & so on. Some not to bad bits & pieces there but some of their prices are like fire, ouch ! ! !

This is another mob http://vipautosalon.com/store/index.php/toms-is-f-carbon-fiber-rear-diffuser

And another http://lexusboutique.net/?mode=grp&gid=40592

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japanpartsmaster don't show the shipping costs, it claims they send you a separate bill after ordering it.

vipautosalon comes to about $1500 delivered not including painting/coating it etc. 


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On 05/10/2016 at 5:49 PM, iinkz said:

I can't vouch for these guys, because I haven't purchased anything off them yet. However, their stuff looks quality although replicas, and made in the states.


FYI -  I asked and was told $990 shipped for a rear diffuser. 

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