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Hi all

My wife and I are both senior citizens and recently were permitted to drive our son-in-law's 2004 Lexus RX330 which he has owned for a number of years and is greatly attached to. It would be an understatement to say we were impressed with a vehicle which had travelled in excess of 280,000Kms.

As we were in the market for a vehicle, on the advice of our son-in-law, I gave serious consideration to a Lexus. After several weeks research and viewing, we chose a one-owner FSH 2008 Lexus GX350 with 148,000Kms. The vehicle type was chosen as we both suffer hip problems.

The vehicle is undergoing independent assessment tomorrow (Wed, 18 Jan), AM Hours. Hopefully, we are able to collect the vehicle the following day.

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Thank you for your observation and welcome ilv1004s.  "Oldheimers" must be galloping up on me :wheelchair: . The entry should read "RX350".  I'm Scottish by birth and Australian by choice, arrived 1972, served 25 years in the military.

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