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Melbourne Meet - Feb 2017


Melbourne Meet weekend  

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yeah, we had one 3 years back I think, and after that it just went quiet. 

There's a fair few people, but just not active...  even these forums are very quiet.

I'm part of a few other forums (IT and Motorcycle) and there's always some chatter going on - the motorcycle forum is really one of the best - very active, lots of rides and events. 

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Pretty sure I was at the meet 3 years ago. If we're talking about the same one, then it was the one where everybody met at Lexus of Brighton. Everyone seemed hyped about getting more meets going after that, but that hype died down real quick.

Anyways, I'm itching for some sort of meets now that I've got my car back.

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ok, looks like the voting is better for 11th Feb, i'll plan out a trip and post up details here. 

Probably going to be a post-lunch meetup and drive through some hills (East or South East side).

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Alright folks; Meetup point and route is below. There will be a few folks from the Facebook group who are not on this forum... 

Start time - 2pm meetup for 2:30pm start. 

Meetup - BP Fuel Caldermeade - At the truck parking area. 


Approx Route - Lang Lang -> Nyora -> Drouin South -> Warragul South -> Korumburra -> Kongwak -> Loch -> Tooradin - At the ice-cream shop:)



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not good. even on the FB forums there was some confusion and last minute suggestions on time and route. Eventually no one turned up.

Not sure if iinkz and jgs98 actually turned up ?


I was there, waited for a while and then went for the drive around - once I take that puppy out, I end up driving the hills... 

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