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New LX570 owner in Perth


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Good afternoon fellow owners!


I have just gotten back from Lexus of Perth after picking up my new car. We were looking for another SUV to compliment our Range Rover Sport as we have twins on the way and the wife's little hatch wasn't going to cut it.. plus we have a dog which requires a bit of room too.


It's the base model in black (I don't need air conditioned seats nor will the kids) and even though I haven't put many km on it yet it does drive nice for a car of its size.



Looking forward to many happy years of ownership which I am sure will be trouble free. Only thing I really need is a decent exhaust for it for a bit more oomph and a nicer note from the v8.


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Make sure you pop a nice exhaust on that beast, then share some pics and vids!!

You probably will have to get something custom, not a lot on the market i dont think, which just means something special. I personally couldnt go past the aircon seats haha! Enjoy that monster :whip:

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8 hours ago, ilv1004s said:

wow LX570? nice
love them tanks
had 1 for a loaner whilst i the RX in for service
lovely car
did u get it new?
love the updated face


Yep brand new January plated, I also love the look of the front. The big grill while seeming over the top at first really fits nicely when you spend more time around it.

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