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Who wants to swap my ISF sun roof for a non sun roof?

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So this is hard to capture in a title, but is there anyone with a 2008-2014 (old shape 2IS), gun metal grey Lexus IS250/350/ISF who wants to trade roofs?

From what i have read its a pretty easy swap out, the roof linings and controls etc just get switched over. I need the extra headroom, and never use the sunroof, though it works perfectly. I want just a standard roof!

My car is 2009 ISF, gun metal grey. Be interesting to see if anything comes of this, could be pretty sweet for both parties potentially.. My exterior and interior is mint condition, yours headlining etc would have to be too. Maybe @plankton007 can comment on the idea? Should be sweet right?

Another option is putting a proper carbon fibre roof in, but this would be big $$$ im presuming.

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lol sell your car and get a non roof car

spot welds for starters

wiring changes


might as well get used to the roof at the price its gonna cost you

labour will be ridiculous too

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